Electric Scooter Lock | Hamburg Folding Lock


How do we lock our electric scooter if we need to park on the street ?

Is there a strong lock that is easy to carry on a kick scooter ?

We reviewed and suggest that the Hamburg Folding Bike Lock is worth considering.

electric scooter lock

The Plus:



This lock is made of strong materials. It is not easy for a thief to cut this lock.



Can route it through different areas of the scooter to secure to a fixed object.


Light Weight

Relatively light (about 515g) for such a heavy duty lock.



When this lock is not used, it can be folded into a small package to carry on the electric scooter.


Lock Holder

This lock comes with a lock holder.  Hence it can be simply transported on the stem or handlebar of a scooter.



This lock looks good when mounted on the scooter.  No protruding parts.

The Not So Ideal:


Rattle Sound

When riding over bumpy terrain, there might be some rattling sound from colliding lock plates.


A highly recommended gear to secure your electric scooter !

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