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When our kids were young, we bought them kick scooters.  We used these to kick start their balancing experiences, hoping to expedite them quickly to learning cycling.  We saw the fun the kids had on their kick scooters.  Occasionally, we would borrow their scooters and join in their fun as well.  As we re-lived our childhood, a desire grew in our heart to look for an adult kick scooter.


An adult kick scooter is designed to take the weight of full grown adults and typically can carry weights up to around 100kg.  Adult kick scooters are also built longer, wider and have higher handle bar height to accommodate to the body stature of an adult or youth.


Typically, you will also find the adult kick scooter has larger wheels (around 6” to 8”) and ride more comfortably compared with a kids’ kick scooter.


With an adult kick scooter, you can now ride alongside your kids, instead of running after them as they scoot around the park.


Other ways you can use your adult kick scooter include short trips to run errands, exercise, take it for holiday sightseeing.

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