Best Kick Scooter Commuter


Beside joy rides round a park, kick scooters can be used for practical commuting.

Some people use kick scooters to start their commute to a train station.  There, they board the train.  Upon arrival, they transit via kick scooter to their final destination.  The kick scooter is their shuttle door to door.


So what are the features to look out for in the best commuter kick scooter ?


  • Wheel Size – Larger wheels absorb road vibrations better, resulting in a comfortable ride
  • Good Bearings – Quality bearings used for the kick scooter wheels ensure smooth rotation of the wheels, so that you travel longer distances with each kick stride.
  • Low Deck Height – As you will be kicking to move the scooter, a deck height closer to the ground ensures there is less bent and stress on your knees, especially for the leg that stays on the scooter deck.  It is less tiring to kick scoot when the deck height is low.


There are adult kick scooters with two wheels and kick scooters with three wheels that you can consider for your commuting use.


If you think that manual kick scooting for commuting is tiring, consider the electric scooter.  You now have choice to go fully auto drive or hybrid drive (i.e. choosing to kick manually when you feel like doing so).

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