Folding Electric Scooter


Most electric scooters in the market are foldable.

In their folded positions, some of them are “well locked/secured” such that the user can easily roll the scooter around.

This is useful in the situation where one is doing multi-model travel, for example scootering to a train station to transfer to a train.  In this case, user can easily roll the folded scooter within the train station instead of having to carry the folded scooter.


E-TWOW Electric Kick Scooter

  • 10.7kg
  • 8″ tires
  • Built-in Front Light
  • Electronic Brake System

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Glion Electric Scooter

  • 12.4kg
  • 8″ tires
  • Electronic Brake System
  • Retractable Handle and Trolley Wheels

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Inokim Light Electric Scooter

  • 12kg
  • 8.5″ pneumatic tires

JACK HOT Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

  • 6.3kg
  • 5″ tires
  • Built-in Front Light
  • Electronic Brake System

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter

  • 12.5kg
  • 8.5″ tires
  • Built-in Front Lights
  • Dual Brake System

Freelander x7 Electric Scooter


  • 8.5kg
  • 8″ pneumatic tires

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