Electric Scooter Commuter


Electric scooters come in many sizes.

When choosing one for your commute, you might want to consider:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Foldability
  • Stability
  • Luggage Carrying Capabilities


Weight – electric scooters range from 6 kg to 18 kg


Size – Some scooters are small and easy to carry.  Others are a little bulky.  Sometimes a smaller one is easier to bring, if you need to take it up a train or bus.  On the other hand, bigger scooters with larger wheels are more comfortable to ride on.


Foldability – Do you need to fold the scooter frequently for transport or storage ?  Some folding electric scooters have neat folding design that allows you to easily trolley them around in their folded positions.  Which such, you relief yourself of carrying the full weight of the folded scooter.


Stability – Usually scooters with bigger wheels are more stable.  There are also 3 wheel scooters.


Luggage Carrying Capabilities – Consider how you will like to carry your belongings when you are commuting by electric scooter.  You can carry them in a haversack so that your hands are free to steer your scooter.  There are some accessories such as quick release baskets, bags and rack that we have found to be very useful with the electric scooter.

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