Electric Scooter Comparison : Buy Branded Or OEM ?

Ques :

Should I buy a Branded or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) electric scooter ?


Ans :

When we study the electric scooters in the market, we will observe that there are different scooter brands that look very similar in design.  In fact, these Branded Companies get their products from the same Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Case in point : Zoom, Scoooby, Mobot have certain product models in their range that are OEMed from E-TWOW.


So how do we go about deciding which to buy ?


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


  • Normally cheaper



  • Electric scooter purchase may not come with warranty.
  • Sometimes OEM does not provide service and support in the country wherein you are using the electric scooter.  So you have a problem getting repairs should your kick scooter breakdown.


Branded Company


  • Electric scooter purchase comes with warranty.
  • If the Branded Company carries a wide range of scooters, usually they have in-house service and support team.  Should your electric scooter require maintenance or repairs, you can easily approach their service center.
  • Their scooter range offered may have differentiations from those purchased directly from OEM.  E.g. unique colour combinations.



  • Likely more expensive than OEM product


As you contemplate whether to buy Branded or OEM, do consider the trade-offs between price and support.

The electric scooter, being a motorised vehicle, is subject to the risk of mechanical faults.

Consider the ease of getting repair services when you need them.

Consider if you are willing to pay for adhoc service charges, which can be costly depending on what scooter component is faulty, or pay higher purchase price upfront for a guaranteed warranty coverage.

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