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We enjoy using our adult electric kick scooters to commute and explore new destinations.

As we do so, we come across wonderful products that we love using and hence started this website to share with our fellow riding mates.

As cities mature, many of them, such as Singapore, Bangkok, London, are experiencing motor vehicle traffic congestion that slows down commuting time.  Citizens begin to explore alternative forms of transport such using mass rapid transit trains, buses, cycling and even kick scooters.

The adult electric scooter is an attractive alternative.

  • It is easy to carry around when using a multi-modal travel strategy, combining trains and scooting.
  • It provides a door to door travelling solution, minimizing transfer time waiting for public transport.
  • Electric power means the user exerts minimal efforts to travel, compared with cycling or walking.


At this website, we compile information on electric scooters, kick scooters, unicycles, hoverboards, skateboards and various personal transport devices to help visitors make informed buying decisions.

We also have a section on accessories that add more fun to your commute.

Have fun exploring !


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